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Why Cry Baby Analyzer

Having a baby in the house can both be a joy as well as a challenge. Taking care of one usually means having to deal with a baby crying, which can be all the time. The problem is that most people simply can’t determine why a baby is crying and what he or she wants. The Why Cry Baby Analyzer can provide the possible answer.

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer is a unique device that can determine what a baby may be feeling when he or she is crying. It is able to interpret why a baby is crying and the interpretation being shown on a display screen of the device. It comes with a microphone that can take and compare an infant’s crying power, frequency and intervals with certain established cry patterns. It helps determine whether the baby is crying when it is stressed, hungry, annoyed, bored or sleepy.

While some may think that this device may be too good to be true, the Why Cry Baby Analyzer is in fact, known to have a 90 percent accuracy rate. In fact, this device has been clinically certified and has been already used in some neo-natal units in hospitals. For those who wish to have it just to help them understand why their baby is always crying, the Why Cry Baby Analyzer is available at Amazon for US$30.

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