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Watches One Dmitry Samal

If exquisite watches are your thing, there are now quite a lot of them being offered in the market. They no longer just feature telling time as a main selling point. Style and unique features also now come in the picture more often than not. And for the concrete encased watches designed by Dmitry Samal, you can’t get any more unique than that.

Just looking at the Watches One Dmitry Samal and you could easily make out the concrete casing of this unique wrist watch. Not only is it a unique feature but also aims to provide a higher level of durability to a wrist watch. Of course, it still tells the time the analog way and may even be considered as a classic wrist watch, if not for it being made out of concrete.

The Watches One is just one of the 8 different Dmitry Samal concrete encased wrist watches available at the website. They are all limited edition as only a hundred of each model will be made available. Interested parties can pre-order now with the watch expected to be delivered sometime in November. At a price of 1,240 Euros or around US$1,500, this wrist watch may be telling quite an expensive time.

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