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USB Cup Warmer

Busy workaholics at the office usually don’t have the time to stand up and spare time to do anything else but stay in front of their PC. They do usually have time to get that cup of coffee. But they can also sometime forget that it’s there right in front of them, only to notice it when it gets cold. In order to help keep the beverage heated for a longer time, it pays to have this USB cup warmer around.

The USB Cup Warmer is designed for people who usually forget that cup of coffee in their office desks. In order to give workaholics a longer time to notice it before that cup of coffee gets cold, the USB Cup Warmer might come in handy. It is as easy as connecting the device into an available USB slot in your PC and place that hot cup or slim mug on top of its base. It can maintain the temperature of your favorite hot beverage for a good 40 degrees after an hour. The USB Cup Warmer is available at Firebox for US$14.

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