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The Official London Olympics 2012 Results App

For those who are closely monitoring the games on the recently opened London Olympics 2012, getting the updated results is usually a must. While most people would be able to get such results visiting other news sites on the Web covering the London Olympics, the updates would usually not be fast enough or proceed in real time as most people would want it to be. So why not get the results update from the organizers of the Games themselves? You can download the Official London Olympics 2012 Results App to get real time updates on results of the different London Olympics 2012 games.

The Official London Olympics 2012 Results App provide Android and iPhone users real time updates regarding results of all events for the 36 sports in the Olympics. The app also provides the live schedule of the games and provides users with results as they are taking place. Each sport is also given equal exposure as the latest results, news updates, images and other background information are being provided as they come.

The app also provides info on the overall medal count as they are being awarded- available in medal count by country, by individual and by sport. People can also follow any country and receive news, results, notifications and alerts in a more personalized way. The Official London Olympics 2012 Results App is available for Android devices as a free download at Google Play. An iPhone version of the app is also available at the App Store.

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