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What If Wall-E And A Tapeworm Had A Child?

Don’t get me wrong, flexi flash flashlight looks pretty functional but I can’t help think this is what it would have looked like if Wall-E had ended up with a tapeworm instead of EVE. Now that we have that thought out of the way, lets get to the nitty gritty of this cool flashlight. Made with bendy silicone, think of it as a wristband with LEDs installed on one end.  Instead of... 

LightForm Flexible LED Sheet

LED technology really has come a long way.  Imagine installing light-emitting diodes not only on your car’s tail lights, but virtually anywhere on the vehicle’s exterior and interior, thanks to a revolutionary technology introduced by Indiana-based Grote Industries, which introduced the first commercially viable LED marker lamp 20 years ago.  LightForm is a paper-thin material lined with LEDs,... 
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