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Sony CP-A2LAPKS Wind-Up USB Charger

With power becoming a bigger issue as more and more people accumulate a handful of portable devices wherever they go, having enough power to go around for them has become a very pressing concern. While most of the portable devices have enjoyed vast improvements in terms of longer battery life, still they can eventually go empty. And what if one can’t seem to find any power source in order to recharge them? This new Sony CP-A2LAPKS Wind-Up USB Charger aims to, at least address such issues.

The Sony CP-A2LAPKS Wind-Up USB Charger is a useful device to have especially for those who go to places where the usual power sources to charge devices may not be readily available and if those portable solar chargers just won’t work. This device can provide some much needed emergency power just by simple cranking and winding up the generator. This unique charger is capable of providing power for USB charged devices.

A 3-minute winding of this Sony wind-up charger can provide power for about 1 minute of talk time on your smartphone. If you want to spend a minute to surf the Web on your phone, all you need is 5 minutes worth of winding the device. This portable generator cum charger can give you as much power for your devices as you can afford winding it. It features two USB slots so that you can charge your portable devices in pairs if needed. The Sony CP-A2LAPKS Wind-Up USB Charger is expected to be available in the Japanese market sometime in June and may cost around 8,000 Yen or around US$100.

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