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Satechi Slim Surge Protector

When it comes to protecting your appliances and gadgets, power surge protection should always come to mind. Sudden power surges can easily damage your household appliances and devices to the extent that you might need to buy a replacement for them. One of the best ways of guarding against sudden power surges is to have a device like the Satechi Slim Surge Protector handy.

The Satechi Slim Surge Protector can help protect your devices and appliances that you usually connect through a power outlet at home. It can serve as the first line of defense against power surges for your many gadgets and devices. It can protect up to five devices simultaneously being plugged into it, three devices using the standard power plug and two USB charged devices. Its Safety Shutdown Technology makes use of thermal fuses to power off the system in cases of power surges. The Satechi Slim Surge Protector is available at Amazon for US$16.

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