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Ribbon LED Lamp

Desk lamps provide an ideal lamp source for those who usually go studying at night when everybody else is going to sleep. But the light source could surely be even more useful if the light that it provides can be directed to where people would want it to be. While not all desk lamps can be quite flexible, the Ribbon LED Lamp begs to differ and gives users quite a flexible option.

The Ribbon LED Lamp is a LED lamp that comes with a flexible neck made out of transparent PVC. Designed by Alberto Fraser, this unique lamp can be contorted into quite a wide array of positions that would make it provide the best lighting a user would want on a desk. The lamp comes with a touch sensitive base that turns on the lamp with just a simple tap. LED brightness can be adjusted by a simple swipe of a finger. The Ribbon LED Lamp is available at Lumen Center Italia for around 415 Euros or around US$500.

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