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Qualy Thirsty Bird Desktop Water Dispenser

Everyone needs a drink of water now and then. And for those at the office who needs a ready glass of water when needed, there’s the Qualy Thirsty Bird Desktop Water Dispenser to do the job. And by the looks of it, it dispenses water with style.

Looking at the Qualy Thirsty Bird once, you won’t immediately see it as a water dispenser. It initially looks like a desktop fixture with a small bird perching on one side. But it really is a portable water dispenser able to handle that one liter bottle of water or any other bottled beverage if there is an adapter available for it. The bird is actually the handle of the faucet for the dispenser.

The Qualy Thirsty Bird is quite a unique way of making a water dispenser get that stylish look that won’t look bad in any office desktop or cubicle. It might even prevent you from going on those lengthy trips to the office water dispenser to get just a drink when you needed it. But then again, you might also miss out on those juicy office rumors that always seem to get started at the office dispenser. But if this is not your thing, then you are in good hands with the Qualy Thirsty Bird portable water dispenser. It is available at Latest Buy for about US$35.

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