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Quad Interactive Toy

Toys come in many shapes and sizes. There are also toys that appeal because of the technology that they are bale to put on more practical display. This new Quad Interactive Toy might just belong in this category as it is not just any ordinary toy. It is an eco-friendly one too.

The Quad Interactive Toy may be considered as one toy that can teach kids a thing or two about renewable energy. This unique toy, designed for the Fischer Price Friends toy range by Endrit Hajno, utilizes solar and wind energy to give this cool looking toy life. It helps provide the means for kids to know the value of renewable energy. The Quad comes with a screen that displays the toy’s life score as it displays wind score and solar score, according to how much power the toy generates from the wind as well as from sunlight.

Quad also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to allow different kids to share their scores with others on social network games. The quad is designed with human-like features as well in order to help endear the toy to the kids. The Quad is one of those unique toys that help promote sustainable charging solutions by using solar and wind energy to charge its built-in batteries. It remains as a design concept and its availability is not yet announced for now.

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