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Podtime Sleeping Pods

With the population ever increasing and crowding out city spaces, it would only take some time before getting a place to sleep for most people would become a challenge. In places like Tokyo, Japan for example, you hear of prohibitive real estate costs and lack of suitable living spaces that have led many visiting Japanese businessmen to consider sleeping in pod hotels instead. This same concept may also be made available to you this time in the form of the Podtime Sleeping Pods.

The Podtime Sleeping Pods is a type of portable sleeping compartment that can address the lack of sleeping facilities in some areas. The Podtime Sleeping Pods are designed to be sleeping compartments that can provide a secure and durable sleeping area for people with their own privacy. It is made of polycarbonate material that comes with its own heavy-duty frosted doors, comfortable mattress and a good air circulation system.

What makes the Podtime Sleeping Pod especially interesting is that it can be flat-packed for easy transport and can be stacked one over the other to save space. It is a potential solution for sleeping quarters in areas with limited spaces and also during certain emergencies. The Podtime Sleeping Pods is available at Firebox for 1,375 UK Pounds or around US$2,100.

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