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Penveu Interactive Whiteboard Device

In many of today’s business conference rooms and offices, that useful whiteboard is still highly valued as an office tool. But with the advance of technology, it certainly would need some bit of technological upgrade to keep up. And while there are now interactive digital whiteboards available, things would certainly be falling into place having this new Penveu Interactive Whiteboard Device.

The Penvue is a handy portable presentation device that can be used as a handheld mouse or even as a digital pen that can write on any surface. It can be used to write, erase or highlight anything on a digital presentation. This is made possible by the use of technology coming straight out of rocket science.

The Penvue handy digital tool features a high speed camera, 12 accelerometers, three magnetometers and three gyroscopes that allow it to accurately determine where it is pointing. It allows users to accurately pinpoint on a presentation or even write on them from within a 40 foot range. The tool can also be used to store presentation files as well as save screen captures along the way. The Penvue Interactive Whiteboard Device is expected to cost around US$700 for business professionals. Although it was just recently unveiled, its maker, Interphase, hasn’t provided an actual date of its release yet in the market.

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