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Optrix XD Sports Case

Many people have suddenly become quite interested in taking action shots of whatever activity they dabble in, be it in sports or hobbies that require lots of action. It seems that people would like them to be recorded for posterity or for some lesser intent. And for those who has an iPhone or an iPod Touch handy, the new Optrix XD Sports Case can help make action video recording possible.

The new Optrix XD Sports Case is a new action sports case from the maker action sports video cases. And like the Optrix HD before it, this is designed for use on the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch. But this time, the Optrix XD now features a wide angle lens to further enhance the video capturing capabilities of the popular iOS device. It can help create stunning 1080p HD video using the iPhone camera while on the move. The case also help protect the smartphone from spills, bumps and crashes with military grade standards  in many compromising and damage-inducing situations that usually happen when taking action shots. The new Optrix XD Sports Case is now available at the Optrix site for US$99.


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