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Monolito and Megalito Carbon Fiber Table

Furniture nowadays is not just adored as a functional piece in the home. It actually also becomes a form of art in itself as it is also used to adorn rooms to make them even more interesting. One case in point how furniture can be a work of art is by looking at this Monolito and Megalito Carbon Fiber Table.

The Monolito and Megalito Carbon Fiber Table is designed by Jules Sturgess and does not look like your typical dining table. It is designed with just one leg attached on one side to hold the whole table upright. Its table top also thins out as it stretches toward the open side. It gives this table some level of elegance as well as a bit of gravity defying features to it. It seems that putting heavy things on the open end will make the table topple over. But it won’t.

The Monolito and Megalito table is made out of light but durable carbon fiber material. This 12 foot long table is anchored into stable ground by a huge slab that provides balance and stability. The table top thins out to just 5mm thick on the open end, also giving the table some leverage to keep it upright. The Monolito and Megalito is a high end furniture model that may not be for everybody. Just the thought of being made of carbon fiber, which is very expensive, may give you an idea on how much it costs.  The designer may also have only 25 of these elegant tables made, even bringing its value higher.

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