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Luminaire Cafino Coffee Maker

Coffee drinking is a daily enjoyment for many people. Making it can even be a form of art, relying on a particular taste and expertise to come up with the perfect cup. It would even be more artful if the coffee is being brewed in this interesting looking Luminaire Cafino Coffee Maker.

The Luminaire Cafino Coffee Maker can really get some points in the looks department. By itself, it looks like a work of art rather than a typical coffee maker. Made from stainless steel and glass, this unique coffee maker is designed by Tassilo von Grolman. It has that certain look of elegance despite having also that look of simplicity.

How it functions as a coffee maker can’t be any simpler as well. Users only need to place the ground coffee beans into the double stainless steel mesh sieve, place the borosilicate glass cylinder over it and then pour boiled water until full. It brews coffee through the immersion process and works quite well without the use of disposable filter bags. The Luminaire Cafino Coffee Maker is available at Luminaire for US$165.

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