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Lemnis Pharox Blu LED Bulbs

There has recently been a more active move to try and introduce the use of LED bulbs to the consumer. But it seems that most consumers are not quite easy to convince, despite the various relative benefits that LED bulbs can offer. One probable reason why some people are not that keen on using LED bulbs is their high initial costs. Lemnis Lighting aims to change that by offering a more affordable option in the Pharox Blu LED Bulbs.The Pharox Blu LED Bulbs aim to bring down the price of each LED bulb as a more effective means of introducingconsumers into switching to a more energy conserving alternative. Two versions will be introduced into the market, a 200 lumen and a 350 lumen LED bulb that consumes just less than 5 watts and 8 watts, respectively. Although the new LED bulbs give off less light as compared to a 40 watt, 450 lumen incandescent bulbs, the company aims to make it easy for consumers to experience the energy conserving benefits of LED bulbs by making it more competitive in terms of pricing.

The price for the 200 lumen LED bulb is expected to be at US$5 while the 350 lumen version will cost around US$7. The new Pharox Blu LED bulbs will be sold exclusively from the company’s website.

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