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iHealth Weighing Scale

For most people, keeping track of their weight is not always an easy task. But it may be an important part of trying to maintain an ideal healthy weight. For people having such problems, it pays to take advantage of what technology may be available nowadays to make weight monitoring even more convenient. For iPhone users, having the iHealth Weighing Scale at home might help.

The iHealth Weighing Scale is a digital bathroom weighing scale that is more than just ordinary. More than just giving you your actual weight when you stand on it, this digital bathroom scale can also transmit weight readings wirelessly to your iPhone to help you monitor your weight. Downloading the free iHealth app from the Apple App Store and you can have these weight readings listed and graphed for easier weight monitoring and tracking. The iHealth Weighing Scale comes with a tempered glass top and has a digital display that can provide readings either in kilograms or in pounds up to a 330lbs capacity. The iHealth Weighing Scale is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$70.

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