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Gtech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner

People who like their homes clean would surely welcome a versatile vacuum cleaner around the house. But sometimes, the typical mains vacuum cleaner may just be limited to cleaning up to the area that its plugged in cord can reach. For those who wish to be better than that, they should consider having the Gtech AirRam Vacuum for cleaning the home.

The Gtech AirRam is a portable and cordless vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean areas that a mains vaccuum cleaner may have not yet gone before. Despite being cordless and running on powerful Li-ion batteries to run its powerful motors. It makes use of AirRam technology which makes it possible for the cordless vacuum cleaner to be bagless. This technology compresses the dirt, dust, and fluff into a tight bale for easy disposal later on and eliminating the need to replace vacuum bags when they get filled up. The fact that it is cordless only makes this versatile vacuum cleaner all the more appealing. The Gtech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner is available at Gtech for 229 UK Pounds or around US$355.

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