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Go-Go Staple Less Stapler

The dependable stapler has long been a common handy device around the office. But its dependability relies on it having those staples to attach two or more paper documents with. Run out of staples and they become quite useless. Here’s is a unique option in the Go-Go Staple Less Stapler that would even be more dependable.

What makes the Go-Go Staple Less Stapler unique is that it doesn’t require any staples in order to work. What it does punch a neat hole on two or more papers being attached and then fold the remaining flap tightly together to make a secure binding. It is best for use when binding together a few pieces of paper. But what makes it useful is that it doesn’t need any staple to work. The Go-Go Staple Less Stapler is available at Uncommon Goods for only US$16 a pair.

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