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Garmin fenix GPS Watch

It seems that wrist watches nowadays should have more features other than just telling time in order to become more relevant. With many other portable devices that now offer the same function, watches may just be relegated to being a fashion piece nowadays. But with the Garmin fenix, a GPS feature is added to make it a more useful device once again.

The Garmin fenix GPS Watch is a convenient wrist watch that houses a GPS receiver and other related functions. It is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and can be used to guide people on a trail or back to safety in case they get lost. The GPS navigation features of the watch are easy to use and are packed with other features such as an altimeter, barometer and a 3 axis electronic compass. It also has a temperature sensor, is waterproof and offers wireless unit to unit communication to allow for sharing tracks with other Garmin fenix users. This handy GPS watch is expected to be available by the 3rd quarter of this year. It is expected to cost around US$400.

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