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Eton FRX3 Multi-Purpose Emergency Device

It pays to always be prepared during emergencies. Whether it may be during storms, power outages or other disasters, having the right items along can help you get through such ordeals a little bit better. And if it is a device that would prove quite useful during emergencies that you are looking for, the Eton FRX3 would be it.

The Eton FRX3 is more than just an emergency radio, light or beacon that one can use during emergencies. It also features a hand turbine that can generate some much needed power for the radio and the flash light in case the battery runs out. Not only that, it also comes with its own solar panel that also helps recharge the internal Ni-Mh battery under the sun. It is also equipped with an AUX input that can be used to play portable music players on the device using its built-in speakers.

The Eton FRX3 also comes with a USB port that can be used to recharge USB compatible smartphones that may be especially important when trying to re-establish communications. Other features of the Eton FRX3 include an alarm clock, long lasting LED flashlight and a red LED flashing beacon to use as signal during emergencies. This multi-purpose emergency device would surely be quite a necessity for areas that are prone to disasters and emergencies. The Eton FRX3 is available at Eton for US$60.

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