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Doxie Go Portable Scanner

Many people would love to have a portable scanner. One that’s simple, easy and convenient to use would be the most ideal. It so happens that these are the main features that the Doxie Go Portable Scanner aims to offer.

The Doxie Go Portable Scanner may be in a market that offers only a few choices. Some may be too big to be portable. Some may be too small to accommodate some larger scans. The Doxie Go Scanner somehow belongs in the middle category. It is not small enough and yet not that big also. Its size seems to be just right.

Its simplicity in both form and function also makes the Doxie Go an ideal scanner to have handy. It has a rectangular shape that only weighs a bit more than 14 ounces, making it a lightweight with a shape that always has a space available inside any bag. It is also battery powered, able to make around 100 scans for a single charge of its lithium ion battery. This makes it a more convenient option that those corded portable scanner types. It comes with a 512 onboard memory for storage and also accommodates an SD card or a USB flash drive for added storage. The Doxie Go Portable Scanner is available at Doxie for US$199.

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