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Clean Bottle Runner

Going out for a jog usually means having only the bare necessities to bring along in order to have a comfortable run. While most would usually just bring along water bottle with them, some might find it quite difficult leaving their smartphone behind. But it can be hard for joggers having no pockets to store it in. The Clean Bottle Runner strap may provide an alternative option.

The Clean Bottle Runner strap is a special add on to a water bottle where joggers can store their phones, keys, money or even energy bars while on a jog. While the strap on would also fit into most water bottles in the market, it is ideally designed for the Clean Bottle with its removable bottom that can be used to screw in the strap. The pocket is water-resistant, usually enough to protect personal items from water splashes or that sudden fall of rain. Its transparent surface also allows joggers to conveniently use their touch screen smartphones stored inside even while on the go. The Clean Bottle Runner is available at the Clean Bottle site for US$30.

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