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What If Wall-E And A Tapeworm Had A Child?

Don’t get me wrong, flexi flash flashlight looks pretty functional but I can’t help think this is what it would have looked like if Wall-E had ended up with a tapeworm instead of EVE. Now that we have that thought out of the way, lets get to the nitty gritty of this cool flashlight. Made with bendy silicone, think of it as a wristband with LEDs installed on one end.  Instead of... 

Ultraslim Digit MP3 Player

  Sleek and stylish, the Digit MP3 player concept includes a wireless stereo headset as well as 20GB of built-in memory. Best of all, it’s slim enough to slide easily into any pocket.  Read More →

Clean Bottle Runner

Going out for a jog usually means having only the bare necessities to bring along in order to have a comfortable run. While most would usually just bring along water bottle with them, some might find it quite difficult leaving their smartphone behind. But it can be hard for joggers having no pockets to store it in. The Clean Bottle Runner strap may provide an alternative option. The Clean Bottle Runner... 

iHealth Weighing Scale

For most people, keeping track of their weight is not always an easy task. But it may be an important part of trying to maintain an ideal healthy weight. For people having such problems, it pays to take advantage of what technology may be available nowadays to make weight monitoring even more convenient. For iPhone users, having the iHealth Weighing Scale at home might help. The iHealth Weighing Scale... 
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