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AT&T Makes Nokia Lumia 900 Just $50 a Pop

If the dirt-cheap $99 Nokia Lumia 900 does not entice you, what if you could have it at half the price? AT&T has halved the retail cost of the Windows Phone 7 handset, which now starts at just $49.99. It still goes with the same two-year agreement with AT&T.

But with an even cheaper smartphone with a promising OS from a struggling phone maker, many consumers may feel like holding back from buying the Nokia Lumia 900. Microsoft has announced last month that owners of Windows 7 phone would not be able to upgrade their devices to Windows 8 once it is launched. Instead, they get the next best thing: have it upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8, which has the same UI as the Windows Phone 8 but without many of its advantages.

Meanwhile, Nokia is working on some WP8-powered Lumia devices, which are expected to be unveiled later in 2012.

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