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AT&T HTC One X gets updated to Android 4.0.4

The AT&T version of the HTC One X is getting a new software update today that changes the software number to 2.20.502.7 and the Android version number to 4.0.4.

As of now, only one notable change is known that is brought about by this update and that is the change in behavior of the Recent Apps key on the phone.

You may be aware of the annoying problem on the HTC One X and the One S where, due to the lack of a hardware menu button, the OS would display a soft menu key at the bottom of the screen in apps that have not been optimized for the Holo theme. On the Galaxy Nexus this was not a big issue as there were already three keys down there but the One X has none on the display itself and this the menu key would be the only one there, taking up precious display real estate.

With this latest update, HTC now allows you to use the Recent Appe button as a menu button. You have three choices now. You can let it open the recent apps as it did before, make it open the application menu with a press and the recent apps list with a long press or vice versa.

It’s a bit of a wonder why it took HTC so long to implement this, especially when they had a similar system on the One V. The One V did not offer a choice of options like this but it automatically hid the menu in every app and let you show menu options with a long press of the Recent Apps key.

Anyway, it’s good that this feature was finally implemented as it was a major pet peeve for a lot of people. Hopefully, the international model will get this soon.

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