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Apple iPhone 5 Concepts

1. iPhone Spyder

Dubbed the iPhone Spider, the sci-fi-styled device takes the term ‘handset’ to new levels with the curved back smartphone playing host to five malleable legs that attach to a user’s wrist and slot between their fingers for what appears to be a somewhat obtrusive fit. The mechanical glove-like device looks remarkably like the face grabber from the movie Aliens, although some may argue that it looks more like an iPod Nano with metalic legs attached. Eitherway, we think it’s pretty neat.

2. iPhone Air

What happens when you lock a Macbook Air and an iPhone in a room? Nine-months later out pops this beautiful design. Incorporating the tapered edge of the Macbook Air and much loved simple lines of the iPhone 4S to give birth to a device that is as elegant as difficult to produce. The slimness of the device would almost definitely limit either battery life or processor power. Sacrificing either for the sake of aesthetics is not something we imagine Apple would entertain, so whilst we love the design, unfortunately it probably won’t come to fruition in the next iteration of the iPhone.

3. iPhone 5 Liquid Metal concept

A slimmed down, shinier, sleeker looking iPhone 4S, the liquid metal concept scraps the home button in favour of a wider screen in landscape mode, and takes Apple’s minimilism to the next level, leaving the remaining buttons virtually invisible. With it’s shiny metal side panels, it is one of the most believable yet aesthetically pleasing concept designs.

4. iPhone 5 concept

Bringing back nostalgic memories of the original iPod Mini line up, Antonie Brieux’s concept shows the physical home button is still intact. It doesn’t look out of place with its rounded indentation complimenting the rounded edges at the top and bottom. With a splash of colour, it is definitely refreshing change after several generations of monotone looking iPhones.

5. New iPhone 5 concept

Incorporating several changes: the guys at ADR Studio have pointed to an aluminium unibody with dual speakers mounted on the rear, two dock strips at the top and bottom of the screen – one for notification center and the other for your dock/Home button. The inclusion of a LED powered edge to display battery life (think MacBook battery indicators) and different colours to distinguish preferred callers are a nice addition that would add an extra layer of Apple-like thoughtfulness to the design.

6. iPhone 5 concept

Whilst most reports are suggesting a complete iPhone redesign, this mock up retains the iPhone 4/4S looks and stretches it a little. It’s essentially a taller iPhone 4S accommodating an extra row of apps and a shorter, wider home button. Would Apple iPhones be happy with such minor adjustments, judging from the mixed reaction for the iPhone 4S, probably not…

7. iPhone 5 concept

Borrowing design elements from both Apple’s MacBook line and their iPad 2 this concept uses the brushed aluminium body that the conceptualist (Michal Bonikowski) says will save Apple from another ‘anntenagate’. Safe, predictable, and in keeping with their uniformity across devices this design certainly fits the bill.

8. iPhone5 concept

Taking touch control to another level, with a scroll wheel on the back and no physical buttons whatsoever, it promises to be a better gaming device improving on the capabilities of the iPhone 4S. A smaller device means this will attract fingerprints like never before especially with the ‘fingerprint unlock’ feature and ‘fingerprint passwords’ . This design promises much but if you’re hoping for a Minority Report style multitouch device you may be waiting for some time longer. Also, do you really want Apple to have your fingerprints on file?

9. iPhone 5 Pro

This is, quite simply, the illegitimate love child of the iPhone 5 and the Go Pro HD camera. Jinyoung Choi’s originally named concept features a 1.2MP camera but with a DSLR lens mount, so that your sleek iPhone can be converted into a high-performance camera in a jiffy.

10. iPhone 5 concept with iOS 6

This ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy S3-looking iPhone concept is a throwback to the curves of the 3GS. With a beveled-edge, flat-back panel, the main feature here is the mock up of a ‘widget enabled’ homescreen, where we can see Facebook and Twitter whilst we can imagine other apps like Weather, Stocks and Notes will be updated too.

11. iPhone 5 concepts

This stunningly gorgeous take on the iPhone 5 has taken on board many of the rumoured specs while including some of the signature iPhone features like the home button and volume controls. With an Apple Magic Mouse-inspired body, a slightly repositioned headphone jack and the all important Retina Display, we can only wonder if Jonny Ive and the Apple team are dreaming out of the same creative brain.



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