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6 Recommended Photo Apps for iPhone, Aside from Instagram

There is more to photo apps than just Instagram and its hipster-ish filters. There are apps that not only edit filters, but also add interesting frames and stamps, as well as store your works of art to the cloud.

While many Instagram users may be content with just one photo app, we recommend having at least two that would suit your taste. You can start from choosing from one of these seven photo apps for your iPhone.

Fuzel Pro by Not A Basement Studio ($1.99) – Collages have become the next best thing to photo apps, but Fuzel gives the most elaborate of them all. It comes with 36 present layouts of different widths and aspect ratios, most of which are unique to Fuzel. You can also create your custom-made layouts with the help of the Cut feature. Just start from a blank layout–or a preset that you want to edit–and swipe to make new lines. It also has 18 filters, which you can apply into individual photos of the collage.

Camera Awesome by SmugMug (Free, with in-app purchases) – From the popular photo sharing site SmugMug, Camera Awesome allows you to shoot photos and video, with plenty of options when shooting the stills. For a free app, it has an image stabilization feature, a self-timer, four composition guides, and even a burst option. The app has a huge amount of preset filters, textures, and frames to add into your photos. However, only the first 9 presets, filters, and textures are free, which means you need to purchase new nine-item sets within the app at $0.99 a pop. You can unlock the app’s full potential with a one-time purchase of $29.

Kicksend by Kicksend (Free) – If you are looking for a photo app that would let your share multiple photos from your iPhone, Kicksend is the one for you. It allows you to send up to 30 pics to your friends at a time, so no need to send them one by one or some roundabout options. Remember to sign up for a Kicksend account for them to receive your photos. (Your friends do not have to install Kicksend into their phones.) The free version provides users with 1GB of bandwidth a month. While there are paid upgrades available, it is better to just perform certain tasks to earn extra bandwidth, such as downloading the desktop app or inviting your friends to sign up for the service.

oSnap Voice Enabled Camera by VedaRay LLC (Free) – Commanding your camera to take pictures just by using your voice may be a bit gimmicky, but oSnap could be a great help to our fingerless brothers and sisters. The voice-activated app lets you take a photo by saying “Shoot,” “Cheese,” or “Snap.” You can also switch between the front and back cameras, which is done by saying “Switch” or “Flip.” If you want to turn on the flash, say “Flash On”; say “Flash Off” and it will perform the opposite.

GroupShot by Macadamia Apps ($0.99) – The problem with family photos is that there are times when you just cannot make them focus at the camera at the same time. Groupshot (pictured) helps you manipulate your photos by swiping your finger over objects you want to switch (your aunt blinked; your father looked away from the camera) and replace them with better versions of them. You can also remove objects using the same procedure. Pro tip: when having group shots, snap several times so GroupShot can perform at its best when you need to switch some faces.

Pinweel by Pinweel, Inc (Free) – Pinwheels gives a different take in sending multiple photos to your friends. Instead of sending all of them to individuals, Pinwheel lets groups of people view and contribute to group albums. First, you need to sign up for a free account, wherein you can create private or public group albums. Once you are done, invite your friends where they can view and or contribute to them. You can also take photos using the app itself, which even comes with its own array of filters.

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