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4Moms Origami Baby Stroller

We have seen folding baby strollers, but most of the time you have to fold it manually. And if you are a parent who has a lot of stuff in your hands, storing these stroller can be a hassle.

4Moms eases that problem with the first ever power-folding stroller. Origami features a single button that you can push and the stroller folds on its own. It also self-charges as your push the stroller, thanks to its generators located in the rear wheels, so you do not have to worry about plugging it to a wall outlet. And since it creates its own energy, you can even charge your smartphone with it through a USB port.

The Origami also has pathway lights underneath it that turns on automatically in low-light conditions, as well as daytime running lights that ensure you and your baby would see what is ahead. Do not even worry about accidentally folding the stroller with the baby in it, as embedded sensors keeps it from doing so. It also comes with a variety of specs such as an LCD dashboard, ergonomic seating, and tons of storage bags so you do not have to stroll and bring the baby backpack at the same time.

The 4Moms Origami stroller is now available on its online store for $849.99 a piece.

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